National Document Solutions
2321 Circadian Way
PO Box 7789
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Phone: 844.562.4900
Fax: 707.527.9230

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  • Four color brochure not only shipped with product, but also mailed to all new users.
  • HTML email campaigns.
  • Telemarketing - we have 4 full time telemarketers who use a very soft approach when talking to your users.
  • Attendance at User Conferences and marketing support with complimentary folders and canvas bags if requested.
  • Custom web site with robust e-commerce solutions, featuring not only our forms product lines but also tax forms and promotional items.
  • Responsive and efficient customer service.
  • Private label marketing so that we remain transparent to your end user. We can represent ourselves as your forms and supplies division.

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Backorders
  • Premium Papers
  • 17 Ink Colors
  • Outstanding Service
  • 11 Manufacturing Facilities for Quick Deliveries

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Prevents you from diluting your focus so that you can concentrate all of your time, energy and resources on what you do best - software development, sales and marketing, building and branding your company!

Our only mission is to market and increase forms sales thru software companies (we have been doing this for 25 years and are experts in the forms business) USING:

  • A dedicated telemarketing person assigned to your account - most of our staff has been doing this for over 15 years. Our outgoing calls are "soft sells".
  • Proactive mailings of marketing materials - brochures, post cards.
  • Timely follow up of all new software sales - within 1 work day.
  • Regular promotional email blasts.
  • More diverse array of products, including ASI and Print-to-mail.
  • Web site development and maintenance, allowing online proofs and online CHAT.
  • Proactive approach in going after your current unsold accounts.
  • Monthly Royalty Payments become pure EBIT for your company as you have no internal costs - royalties go straight to your bottom line!
We provide a solid audit trail for your accounting staff with monthly reports of all of our sales to your users, name of accounts, dollar amount of sales and royalty amounts - this accompanies each check and we treat this like payroll.

Economically you will most likely come out ahead because our monthly royalty checks are pure EBIT to your bottom line with no internal costs to your company - you are able to eliminate internal payroll costs by reassigning personnel to other duties, including collection efforts.

We are also able to focus on marketing to your current base of UNSOLD accounts, increasing your overall revenue.

No long term contracts to sign - you will always have the ability to change course should you for any reason become dissatisfied with our program and we are happy to sign any agreement with which you are comfortable.

Private label marketing - we answer a dedicated toll free line as Forms Division, making us transparent to your end user.


  • We pay royalties on all of your end users sales - new and repeat orders..
  • Royalty payments are paid monthly, following collection on the invoice.
  • We provide complete detail with each royalty check so that you can see which of your users ordered and the total dollar value.
  • We continue to treat our clients' royalty checks like payroll, never late and always accurate.
  • Depending on the size of your user base, royalty checks can easily exceed $10,000 per month.
  • Monthly Royalty Payments become pure EBIT for your company as you have no internal costs - royalties go straight to your bottom line!

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